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Justice for Women's initiative Every Girl's City aims at rescuing, rehabilitating and reintegrating into society, the traumatized female and male children victims of sex and labour trafficking in Africa.

In Africa, many young girls from very poor and poverty-stricken villages have been subject to human trafficking by African criminal and terrorist enterprise

24.9M people are trapped in human trafficking and exploitation around the world.

Modern slavery is the highest in Africa with 7.6 victims for every 1,000 people. An estimated 9.24 million individuals are enslaved in all of Africa, making up 23% of the total global enslaved population.

Most of the detected trafficking victims in Sub-Saharan Africa continue to be children, at about 60 per cent, with both boys and girls detected in significant proportions

The majority of detected victims in Sub-Saharan Africa are trafficked for the purpose of forced labour (77%), followed by sexual exploitation (20%). 

Africa accounts for 8% of the world’s sexually exploited children. 

US $150 billion of profit is obtained through the use of forced labour by traffickers each year.

Human trafficking is the fastest growing and second largest criminal industry in the world.

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